What makes tangerine different?

Tangerine is a feminine care brand that makes the phenomena that occur in women's bodies more honest and fun. We share the value and distress of Tangerine.

What kind of brand is tangerine?

Tangerine is a feminine care brand. The current market for sanitary pads are formed of brands only focused on the product itself. We felt a need for a brand that worries about the products women need on a deeper level. Thus, starting with sanitary pads, we have launched the feminine care brand, tangerine" in hopes to become a brand that leads to more options and better choices.

How did you come up with the name ‘tangerine’

We did not want tangerine to limit the image of a healthy woman to "clean" or "pure" that often sanitary pad brands tend to portray. Periods makes you feel uncomfortable, even painful. Menstruation is a natural thing that happens in a woman's body. With this symbolism, tangerine expresses 'naturalness' and 'neutral'.

If there a reason why it is different from the traditionally white and feminine packages?

We felt that the narrow perception of women was unfortunate. There’s so much more to a healthy woman’s image than looking pure and clean. We are not denying the traditionally portrayed images .We simply wanted to express femininity in a different style through color and the texture of the color .

Where is tangerine made?

Sanitary pads are prone to problems due to aged equipment. Tangerine is made in a overseas production line, already loved for many years, where relevant standards including carcinogenic substances are more strict.

In addition, tangerine differs in that we use different sanitary pad molds in consideration of the varying amount of period for each size.

Don’t tell me you pick and choose your pads randomly.

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Get to know tangerine, the feminine care brand suggesting right decisions to women of this day. Experience our organic sanitary pads as the first introduction to our values for women and periods.

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