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Our journey to make a better culture

Tangerine seeks to express the taboo of other feminine care brands in a pleasant way. Through utilizing the traditionally avoided red tone and incorporating the product’s usage in the name, tangerine.

It’s my
‘time’ of the month,
Do you have ‘one’?

Why is the word period taboo, why is it embarrassing to have our sanitary pads out in public? Women in search of answers to these questions created the feminine care brand, tangerine.

Don’t be fooled by the cotton ‘touch’ pads

Did you know that cottons, the main ingredient of sanitary pads, require an unbelievable amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticides? The fact that 10% of pesticides used in the whole world is used on cotton fields is a clear proof.

Tangerine prioritizing safety and only uses trustworthy 100% organic cotton from Texas, USA. Not, cotton ‘feel’ but real organic cotton.

For a more comfortable organic pad

Are you worried that organic pads will absorb less and lead to your period leaking?

In partnership with a specialized organic sanitary pad manufacturer, we have improved our stability and absorption rate through our unique technology of mixing TCF bleached natural pulp and absorber at a ratio of 7:3. In addition, we insist on using non-toxic products used for medical purposes even if it is as minimal as adhesives for the pads .

Three designs for three sizes

Through the latest technology, a ergonomic module was applied to tangerine. Explore the individually customized designs per size focused on efficient leak protection and high absorption. Experience comfort created by the delicate differences.